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sales and discounts in

amenities, disposable slippers and single use articles for hotels,

such as shampoo, bath gel, soap bars,  with sale prices and promotions on selected products,

For discounts and promotions on personal care products and items for hotels, here are some discount concepts that you can find on our products online or offline by contacting us via email or phone:

1. Volume discount: Tiered discounts based on the quantity of products purchased. For example, a 10% discount on the purchase of 10 units or more of shampoo, gel, soaps, dental kit, shaving kit, disposable slippers, etc.

2. Seasonal Offers: Special discounts during certain seasons of the year, such as summer, winter or holidays. This may include promotional packages of related products, such as a "Summer Kit" with shampoo, gel and disposable slippers at an additional discount.

3. Discounts for frequent customers: Loyalty program in which customers who regularly purchase hotel products receive exclusive discounts or points that they can redeem on future purchases.

4. Bundle Deals: Bundle deals that include multiple products at a reduced price compared to purchasing them separately. For example, a "Personal Care Package" that includes shampoo, gel, soaps and a dental kit at a discounted price.

5. Early purchase discounts: Discounts for hotels that place large orders in advance. This way we can help hotels plan their long-term purchases.

6. Discounts for recurring purchases: Discounts for hotels that commit to making regular purchases of your products during a specific period of time, such as a year.

7. Discounts for online purchases: In our online store, you can find exclusive discounts for hotels that make purchases through the online store website.

8. Referral Discounts: We reward hotels that recommend our products to other hotels with additional discounts on their future purchases.

We look forward to receiving your orders, and if you need more information, we await your contact.

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