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How to keep disposable slippers in good condition for customer service and tourist accommodation?

"Mantener la caja cerrada y las zapatillas lejos de luz"
"Keep box closed and slippers away from light"

These warnings above are printed on most of our boxes, especially if they are disposable slippers made with a sponge layer to give volume and strength to the fabric used in the manufacturing of disposable slippers.

Although today there are more sustainable solutions in terms of packaging, the plastic bag is still an economical and fast alternative to packaging solutions such as paper bands or bags biodegradable and ecological, made from natural resources such as corn starch or potato starch.

The disposable slippers made of polyester fabric and polyester terry generally need a layer of sponge to add volume to the slippers which can result in more fluffy type models. Therefore the sponge by its nature tends to be susceptible to light and temperature which can cause a yellowish result in the finish and appearance of the fabric.

Although this affect does not interfere with the performance and quality of the shoe in question, it can be unpleasant for guests to see. That is why, as a recommendation to maintain the quality of the shoes, the boxes of our shoes generally carry this warning: Keep box closed and slippers away from light.

If you want to know the models of slippers for hotels, SPAs, customer service centers, hospitals, and for special events such as weddings, visit the following link on our RH Amenities Slippers and Disposable Hygiene Online Store, and discover the immense range of generic slippers in stock for online order and immediate delivery..

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