Frequently Asked Questions in Disposable Hotel Slippers for Room and Bathroom

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What are the main characteristics of the hotel slippers?

Hotel slippers are made with mainly cheap materials such as Non-Woven Fabric, Polyester, Cotton Terry and with an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) rubber sole, a thermoplastic polymer with a large volume and low weight.

They are usually made with an upper layer of these above-mentioned knitted materials.

A sole with a thickness of 2 mm would be good for comfortable footwear in the case of establishments that offer short durations such as a stay for hours.

On the market, you can also find sneakers that have a sole made of the same material as the instep, such as Non-Woven Fabric.

Mainly, non-woven or polyester slippers with a single-layer upper and a 3-mm EVA rubber sole can be considered basic to offer in a tourist establishment.

For what type of establishments are recommended the disposable slippers?

Disposable slippers have a wide variety of uses in tourist establishments that can be from rural houses to SPAs, including resorts that are luxury hotels.

According to the local regulations of each country, and in Spain of each autonomous community, in order to have a star classification and category, a minimum of services and amenities are required, which also includes disposable slippers.

On the other hand, the majority of tourist establishments offer this gift regardless of the hotel sector regulations for offering a good service and achieving high customer satisfaction.

Of the slippers, are they all disposable? And what about the reusable ones?

As a general rule for hygiene in tourist establishments, disposable slippers are also offered for the reason that they are indicated for a certain number of times of use.

Reusable slippers are called slippers with more material on the upper and sole that makes them their combination as slippers for the home. In this case, most guests of establishments that offer reusable slippers usually take the slippers to be reused indoors.

This type of slipper slippers would also have a composition that can withstand washing in the washing machine or manually.

How are disposable slippers for health centers such as hospitals and clinics?
The slippers especially indicated for health centers such as hospitals and clinics are made of materials that are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

They are materials that do not avoid accumulating dirt and are comfortable to wear. The main objective is to offer maximum hygiene during the patient's stay at the health center.

Our company also offers these slippers sterile, on request.

What logo customization formats are possible?

Personalization can be done on various supports, for example, on the packaging of the pair of shoes, or on the shoe itself. ​

Currently although plastic sachets are used for pair packaging by the majority, this has to disappear in the near future.

Instead, the packaging of the pair will be offered with "plastic free" materials.

One of the options is the recycled paper bag.

The customization in the same shoe is usually done on the instep, but lately it has been a trend to apply the logo of the establishment on the insole where the ankle is.

Another option is to pair the pair of slippers with a tissue or paper bow that is printed with the hotel logo.

Can the slippers be ordered without a plastic bag?

Yes, you can, but in the case of some shoe models, this can be a problem over time.

Since the slippers made with a layer of sponge that serves to give volume and shape to the shoe can be damaged due to the harmful effects of light and heat.

The layer of sponge applied under, for example, the polyester fabric, with time, tends to take on a yellowish tone. Although this does not affect the performance of the shoes, it may result in a reason for return.

On the other hand, for reasons of environmental sustainability, slippers made of natural materials and fabrics, such as cotton terry cloth or organic cotton, can be paired with a paper band, and even in a paper bag. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to make the pair of sneakers with a pretty lace bow.

What are the customization options?

We can divide the customization options into several sections: upper, sole, color, logo customization.

For the instep, ask for a single layer, or a double layer, even with the thickness of sponge that is used as padding to give volume on the instep or on the insole.

The thickness of the sole in EVA rubber material (ethyl vinyl acetate) can reach up to 8 mm, and even the sole of the shoe can be manufactured as a double sole, which is formed by joining the insole of the shoe to the sole. rubber, which are sewn to offer more comfort when putting on shoes and walking.

What is the minimum quantity and delivery time of the customized slippers?

The minimum quantity to customize a shoe model, as a general rule, is from 2,000 pairs.

Therefore, if we increase the order quantity, the price could be lowered due to the plate cliché and logo design costs.

Under normal conditions, one month of production would be enough to organize thirty thousand pairs of shoes, also depending on the schedule of other orders in our factory.

What's the minimum quantity and lead time for the standard stock slippers?

The models of the shoes published in our online store are all available for immediate delivery depending on the customer's destination, for example for the peninsula it would be a couple of business days.

The minimum quantity of shoes in permanent stock at our logistics center in Madrid, Spain is 200 or 250 pairs depending on the model.

Therefore there is a basic model of shoes that would be T1-TST-2MM that are also available in bags of 50 pairs.

In our online store like other hotel products such as shampoo, gel, etc. We always keep an updated stock. With which they can place their orders without previously checking if there is stock available or not.

What options are there for biodegradable and ecological slippers?

Our company as a manufacturer, we have analyzed and developed several models of biodegradable and ecological slippers.

Therefore, manufacturing costs with premium materials play an important role when it comes to being able to offer the hotel sector for economic reasons.

Today, we offer biodegradable ones made of ecological material such as organic cotton and natural jute. Also variations with natural bamboo fiber soles are available. In addition, another solution for the sole is cork, which is very expensive.

You can consult the available models and send us your questions and/or orders.

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