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Dispensers and diffusers for hotel sinks and bathrooms

How to choose dispensers and diffusers for hotel sinks and bathrooms to offer amenities products such as shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and body lotion?

It is an important decision that the director or the owner of the hotel accommodation must make, as it can affect the guest experience and the efficiency of amenities management.

You can consider these aspects to make the best decision about the type, capacity, style, design of dispensers and diffusers for hotel sinks and bathrooms:

Consideration of the accommodation's target public: Before selecting dispensers and diffusers, you must understand the preferences and expectations of your guests. Is it a luxury hotel, a budget hotel, or somewhere in between? This will influence the type of products and presentation you should offer.

Type of dispensers: You can choose between several types of dispensers, such as: disposable, refillable, cartridge refillable, and refillable with an inner container. Make sure that the dispensers are easy to use, handle and refill. Disposable dispensers are large-format bottles that are usually a pump model or inverted "squeeze" model.

Design and style:  Dispensers should be visually appealing and in line with the overall concept of your hotel. You can opt for elegant and modern models that adapt to the decoration of the bathroom or traditional and old-fashioned styles.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance: Dispensers should be easy to clean and maintain to ensure a clean and tidy appearance in bathroom sinks or shower spots at all times.

Sustainability: Consider opting for refillable dispensers instead of individual disposable containers. This reduces plastic waste and is more environmentally friendly, which can be a plus point for many environmentally sensitive guests.

Quantity and size: Calculate the appropriate amount of product to dispense for each use and make sure it is enough for a common guest's stay. The dispensers, if they are dark in color for aesthetic reasons, must have a transparent line to visually check the state of the liquid by room service employees. So, you can have the dispenser full at all times for hotel guest staying.

Labeling and presentation: Make sure dispensers or at least the disposal bottles are clearly labeled with the product name and instructions for use. The presentation must be attractive and professional.

Cost and budget: Evaluate the cost of implementing dispensers versus individual single doses such as bottles, tubes, sachets with shampoo cosmetic liquid, etc. Sometimes the initial investment in dispensers may be higher, but in the long term it can result in significant savings by reducing product and packaging waste. But, you have to take in mind the experience of individual single dose formats of hotel amenities. 

Guest testing and feedback: Before deploying dispensers on a large scale, pilot tests with a group of rooms to gather guest feedback and make adjustments if necessary.

In summary, the choice of dispensers and dispensers for amenities products in a hotel is a decision that must be made carefully to meet the needs and expectations of guests, ensure operational efficiency and consider environmental sustainability.

On the other hand, having dispensers for the service of hygiene products such as shampoo, shower gel, and even hair conditioner, body lotion, does not replace the detail of offering complementary amenities such as dental kit, shower cap, comb , disposable slippers, etc. The hotel accommodation can keep these welcome products in the hotel reception to satisfy customers who may need to have these gift items in case of urgency and/or particular need.


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