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Distributors Amenities & Slippers & Disposables

If you want to become a distributor or order as you need for your clients, first of all, we need to validate your distributor account. For this, we need you to be registered in distribuitor activities scope. Once your distributor account is created, you can place orders online with special distributor prices.

if you are visiting us from any EU country, and want to make an order, please contact us to quote you delivery cost as per your inquiry.

We can attend you with your request for our catalogue products as well as anti COVID articles from our hub in Madrid, Spain,

or directly from our headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey for the distribuitors in Middle East, Balcans, etc. countries.

All our products come in anonymous boxes or packagings except cosmetics and personal hygiene products that must bear the person responsible information for placing them on the European Union market as per current regulations.

We hope you contact us through the email Contact Email RH.

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    made of high quality material, for professional use, handlebar, stick and body base of stainless steel chromed, rest of the press is PVC, suitable for most cleaning carts, Prime quality in charriot structure. The press of prime quality material. 
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    in stock

    very good combination of sole and upper, comfortable and pleasant to wear, suitable for walking and wide feet, polyester material (90gr / m2), rigid sole 2 mm EVA, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, packed by pair in plastic bag for protection and hygene,  Usage: Disposable, Washable Areas: Hotels, clinics, hospitals,...
  • the product is available on request,  made of 304 grade stainless steel, measures with height 63.5 x width 48 x length 56 cm, chromed finishing, rivet-reinforced support straps,
  • 2 Review(s)
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    by pack of 10 units,  NONE OF GRAPHENE! It is composed and manufactured only from MELTBLOWN and SPUNBOND fabrics, the variants of TST (Non-Woven Fabric). 5-layer, non-reusable, the filtration with protection rate greater than 95%, for protection against external agents such as bacteria, viruses and pollutants and...
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    100% cotton, 50 * 70cm size, weight 170 gr/ unit For different size, models and customization with logo, please contact us
  • in stock

    made of polyethylene, transparent, one-size-fits-all and ambidextrous,  non-sterile, latex-free,  sale for box with 100 packs of 100 gloves each, used also for daily cleaning, childcare, food processing, hygiene and beauty,
  • in stock

    razor of 2 blades, cream tube of 10 gr in biodegradable sachet bag,
  • the product is available on request,  of high quality stainless steel, height 28 cm and diameter 20.5 cm, weight 1.10 kg, laminated against scratches, finished matt, plastic reinforced pedal, plastic handling handle, with inner bucket, Other product details: * Removable inner bucket with ergonomic handles...
  • in stock

    white brush 15 cm with hood, mint scent toothpaste, in a 6 gr tube, with sealed mouthpiece, in biodegradable corn starch sachet, easy opening and closing, reusable,
  • stock

    Neutral soap bar of 10 grams, soft and pleasant touch, Suitable for two days of washing, with aroma of green tea, Presented in pleated PP format, The label with paper printed in one color, Each package has 25 units, which facilitates handling and room service, It is part of essential amenities for tourist...