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Choosing a collection of hotel amenities is an important task, since the amenities pack can influence the guest experience and the general perception of your establishment.

Thanks to a long history as a manufacturer and supplier of amenities, we can advise you on some aspects to help you choose the right collection:

* Understands the public, that is, the target clientele:

- Consider the type of guests you usually receive at your hotel. Are they mainly business travelers, families, luxury tourists or backpackers?

- Investigate the preferences and expectations of your target audience regarding amenities.

* Define a budget: Establish a clear budget for amenities products. This will help you narrow down your options and make financially responsible decisions.

* Research the competition: Analyze what other hotels of the same category in your area offer. This will give you an idea of market expectations and help you differentiate yourself.

* Prioritize essential amenities: Make sure to include basic amenities such as soap, shampoo, shower gel for the bathroom.

* Take into account environmental factors: 

- More and more guests value sustainability. Consider options for ecological amenities and recyclable packaging.

- Consider amenities from renewable resources such as toiletries from biodegradable and ecological sources and materials. For budget hotels, you can opt for simpler and cheaper amenities made from traditional materials and packaging.

* Get samples and try the amenities: Before committing to an amenities collection, request samples and tests of the products to ensure that they are of good quality and meet the expectations of your guests .

* Offer hospitality products upon request: If possible, offer your guests the option of obtaining different types of amenities such as grooming, shoe shine. It will be a detail that they will appreciate in case of need, and you can have them at the reception in case your guests need them in case of urgency.

* Maintain the same line: Make sure that the amenities are consistent in all rooms of the same category and are replenished regularly. If you have superior rooms or suites, you can expand with more gift products or improve the quality and presentation of the amenities offered in the bathroom and room of the tourist establishment.

* Get customer feedback: Ask your guests to provide their opinions on the amenities you are offering for free through surveys or comments. This will help you adjust your offer according to their preferences.

* Keep your offer and range up to date:  The amenities market evolves over time, so stay up to date with trends and update your collection accordingly.

* Comply with local regulations: Make sure you comply with all local regulations and standards regarding toiletries and amenities in general. Although the seller, through its supplier or manufacturer of the amenities, has all the production certificates for welcome and courtesy products, you have the right to request these certificates.

With all this, we can summarize that the choice of a collection of amenities for a hotel should be based on the understanding of the target clientele, the available budget and market preferences. Make sure you offer quality amenities that improve your guests' experience and are consistent with the image of your hotel.

With these aspects, our company RH, manufacturer and supplier of hotel amenities, is at your service to advise and offer you the best solution for hotel amenities collections.


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