What to Do at Christmas with Covid Free activities?

The best Christmas plans Covid Free

for all audiences

That this Christmas is going to be a bit strange, it is all a fact. Therefore, to spend a “less rare” Christmas we have got down to work and have gathered a lot of Covid-free plans to renew the illusion and emotion.

And, why not take a look at this difficult time in which we are living with the coronavirus and make a lot of fun plans?

Next, you will discover a lot of activities to do at home, away from the hustle and bustle.

It's time to make plans as a family!

Ice skating!

Yes, we already know that it is a classic, but we could not ignore it. And this is one of the plans that both adults and children like the most, being also a perfect opportunity to play sports, and in a magical environment! In addition, security measures such as distances and masks are guaranteed.

A getaway to the snow

Who doesn't love to play with the snow and have unparalleled views of it? Well, that's why it's time to pack your bags and travel to a quiet and secluded country house or hotel, and take the opportunity to go skiing, sledding, and throw lots of snowballs!

Night for two in the mountains

The cold and Christmas go hand in hand, that's why heading to the mountains can be a great plan, especially if it is to spend time as a couple in privacy! You will live a unique Christmas and the sea of ​​calm between nature and wooden cabins.

Massage and sauna, guaranteed success

Living a few days of relaxation is another of our favorite plans, and that is that, since at Christmas we have a few days of vacation, nothing better than to take advantage of to enjoy a massage and a sauna in this magical time. We recommend you attend a thermal center that allows you to bathe in warm water with views of the mountain.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay at home, you can also make your own spa at home! With a bubble bath, a few glasses of wine, candles, some massages ...

Visit a Christmas market

Of course I do! And the fact is that, although they are somewhat different, since they will have limited capacities and directional senses, these charming little stalls have not disappeared. So, head to visit one! Who can resist an afternoon among colored lights, music, food stalls, Christmas decorations and Christmas carols?

Family Christmas Movie Marathon

One of the most appealing plans when it's cold is to stay home, warm and snuggled up on the couch, so why not enjoy a lot of Christmas movies with your family or partner? Don't forget to make some popcorn, the blanket and a very warm chocolate!

Afternoon among the kitchen stoves

Surely you cannot imagine Christmas without sweets. So… bring out the creative side in the kitchen! Take your partner or your children and prepare some Christmas cookies with coconut, gingerbread, almonds ... Is it for options? And, how can we not have a lot of sweets made by ourselves on the table for when we receive our guests?

Time to do crafts and decorate

Are you one of those who loves to spend hours making crafts? Then it is the best time for it, because one of the perfect plans for this Christmas is to make Christmas decoration objects and then decorate the tree and the whole house.

Don't forget to put Christmas music in the background! Who will be in charge of making the star?

Surely, if you plan to visit a hotel, aparthotel or apartment, you will find the RH amenities in one of them, you will love them!

And remember, whatever plans you make, it's time to take care of yourself, to respect security measures, to make lighter plans, closer to home and further away from people, because now the important thing is to get away to get closer again.

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