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That the coronavirus has brought us difficult times, is something that is clear, but that we know how to put ourselves before adversity, too. And it is that, facing the de-escalation, the hotels are already thinking of opening their doors.

But how will they do it? Will they follow some kind of protocol? What are the estimated solutions and / or measures? Read on to find out ...

... what Covid Free hotels will be like ...

Hoteliers have already started, preparing all the necessary plans for the reopening of their establishments after confinement. And, although almost everything is already prepared, there is inevitably some uncertainty.

For this reason, a specific protocol and measures have been established in order to guarantee the safety and trust of both customers and workers, and thus be able to return to normal when before.

Because one of the most important economic sectors in the country, needs to recover after this hard blow without further delay.

And, among the proposed measures, the following stand out:

* The implementation of autocheckin machines in the receptions, so that the client can see the available rooms, the prices and go to his room with the key that has been issued by the machine without the need for any human contact. It should be noted that connectivity and interactive facilities at the service of hotel guests is a trend that was already underway even before the coronavirus.

* Another measure is to perform quick tests on all those who wish to enter the hotel, for everyone's peace of mind when testing negative.

* Doormats with bleach will also be installed at the entrance, for disinfecting the soles of shoes and wheels of suitcases.

* Regarding the elevators, no more than four people can climb to one and the buttons will be disinfected every hour by the employees. -

* Also, on the ground will have safety distance marks, especially in common areas.

* Regarding the restaurant, firstly breakfasts will be served in the room, and later you can go to the restaurant as long as there is a distance of 1.5m minimum security between tables and a protective screen to separate the tables.

* Additionally, guests staying at the hotel will receive a special amenities that will consist of a hygienic mask, gloves and a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel.

* Finally, after clients leave, it is considered to leave the rooms empty for at least 24 hours between client and client.

RH Amenities will help you!

Since RH ensures the safety and well-being of its customers, the company has decided to present a new range of hygiene and coronavirus protection products for offer them to all Covid Free establishments that so wish.

Get to know RH Anti Covid-19 products!

We can classify these hygene and protection products in Products anti Covid-19 and Disposable-IPE Products

Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gel. RH offers a bottle of 5 ml gel for maximum hygiene based on 70% alcohol. It is ideal for disinfecting hands without rinsing and evaporates quickly without leaving residue.

Protective and separating screen for hotel reception and counters. It is a protector made of transparent methacrylate, 70 cm high and 90 cm long, completely colorless to offer a perfect vision. In addition, each of them has two stable supports and a lower space that allows the passage of money or products between employee and customer.

Face visor screen. These protective visors are perfect for biological control, they are also folding and have an easy adjustment for safety and risk control.

PushClean sanitizing and disinfecting wipes. These are multi-purpose wet wipes presented in capsules, the latest technology in personal hygiene. You just have to press the object so that our wipe comes out along with the liquid.

Surgical masks  Manufactured with three layers, they are disposable since this ensures greater hygiene in these times of maximum prevention and care.

Which of all these products are you going to do first?

All of them guarantee maximum safety and disinfection so that we can return to normality little by little and thus enjoy leisure time again in these important sectors such as tourism and hospitality.

We look forward to its reopening!

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