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connectivity and interactive facilities at the service of hotel guests

connectivity and interactive facilities at the service of hotel guests

The hotel sector is one of the fastest evolving, since it has to adapt by leaps and bounds to new customers and new demands, knowing how to innovate in these times when connectivity is given great importance.

Do you know which companies are growing the most? Indeed, those that invest in interactive design and connectivity, because they are able to contribute new experiences and differentiation in a sustainable and efficient way. How we do it in our company: RH Hotel Supply Corporate Web.

So, as connectivity is now something current, hotel establishments go beyond and provide guest services while infrastructure specially designed to be fully connected.

What are the first interactive installations that are already starting to work?

There are more basic elements that hotels have already begun to incorporate in their establishments, since it costs nothing to implement and makes the customer with a greater satisfaction.

Some of them are the USB ports on the light sockets, to be able to charge the mobile and not occupy the plug that may be used by something else, as well as wireless chargers for any compatible mobile and forget about the annoying cables.

One of the bets that is also gaining a lot of ground are the autochecking machines, so that the client can see the available rooms, the prices and go to his room with the key that the machine has sold. They take up the picture of the guest!

Another interaction could be achieved thanks to the offering of an informative interactie dossier that the room has regarding the hotel by replacing it with interactive tablets to be able to view digitally the activities, schedules, services, etc.

There are already some establishments that have incorporated the digital screens in the hotel lobbies and in some elevators, as well as interactive multi-touch leisure and information tables, even as a restaurant table to inform customers of all the services of the hotel!

But we want more, because there is more to offer!

And this is not all that can be achieved, because we can also see robots in the hotel spaces, which deliver towels or pillows when they receive the order through the tablets in the room.

And what if we could open the room using a mobile application? Thus we no longer run the risk of losing the card or key. An application with which you can also control the lighting, curtains or room temperature

In addition, in the rooms we could find holographic assistants that help us and solve all our doubts from the room itself, as a virtual concierge!

Yes, there is more, such as changing decoration through works of art that react when they detect human presence, with sounds and sequences of images, and if the guest stands in front of them, a virtual concierge provides information on things to do and see in the destiny.

Even explore the city through large maps on screens! The so-called videowalls, with 3D images projected on the wall.

The innovation of the moment and the future of the hospitality and digital world 

Technology is a science in which we must constantly innovate, so designers and hoteliers have to think about what the client wants and seeks, and apply trends, that is: being always connected and online.

Can you imagine the feeling of arriving at a hotel and meeting all these elements? Well, exactly that feeling is what hoteliers aim to wake up among their customers.

How? Offering these sensations, unique and different experiences by personalizing all possible elements through connectivity.

What do you think of these new advances? How long will it take to see them? Do you think it is a good measure or with it will come the unwanted thefts?

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