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the masks FFP2- pros and cons

the FFP2 masks on actual day

During these days of February 2021, our way of seeing the world continues to change. And it is that when we choose a way to protect ourselves against the coronavirus, each one decides what is the best option for him. The filtration capacity and the quality of fit of the masks are also key issues in determining their effectiveness.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, advised by the Ministry of Health of Spain has been forced to pronounce on protective masks once the types used by citizens have multiplied. And not everything OK and most importantly, not all masks are approved or guaranteed to be used effectively as barriers to the spread of COVID-19.

In this case, we will talk about FFP2 masks, the favorites of this year 2021, and also of the third wave. Even Germany has decided to make them mandatory in some areas.

FFP2 masks are an Individual Protection Equipment (PPE) whose purpose is to filter the inhaled air avoiding the entry of polluting particles into our body.

These masks must have the CE marking and reference to the UNE EN-149 standard, which ensures compliance with a quality standard. This type of protection has a minimum filtration efficiency of 92% and a maximum leakage to the outside of 98%.

Its use will normally depend on the manufacturer. But in general, it is not reusable, when you notice it damp or dirty, change it. For reasons of comfort and hygiene, it is usually recommended not to use the mask for more than 4 hours.

They are normally available in pharmacies, specialized establishments and large stores. Also they are imported by RH with all guantee and legal documentos to offer you as per your inquiries or shopping online at our website. 

Its use is an imperative measure to avoid the expansion of the coronavirus, the collapse of the current health system, and many deaths, beyond those that occurred. It is essential to understand that a poorly fitting mask loses a high percentage of effectiveness, the same as a mask that is too large or a mask that has been handled without caution.

If you wear it, above all, you protect yourself, and although it also serves to protect others, the surgical one has more capacity to filter out. But in general the FFP2 is much more reliable in terms of protection.

FFP2 masks are a common good and a basic necessity for any citizen, so it is vitally important to protect them from any speculative movement, prioritizing health at all times, against the opportunism of a few.

Some tips about these masks

  • Turning them over is not recommended as it will not increase their durability or effectiveness.
  • Do not put it in the microwave with the idea of desinfecting it.
  • Children can use adult masks if they are positive for COVID-19.
  • Above all, it can be used for greater protection in crowded indoor spaces where you will spend a long time and in risk areas such as hospitals or residences.
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