trends in hotel interior design are constantly evolving

trends in hotel interior design are constantly evolving

If there exits a sector in constant improvement and innovation, that is the hotel sector, which is increasingly adapting to the new demands of the hotel guests, who no longer come to sleep, but also to seek an experience in the hotel establishment.

One way to bring experience is through interior design in the hotels. But, how? With new color ranges of colors, geometric figures, painted tiles,... everything is valid to capture the attention of the customer!

And it is that the hotel establishments decoration has become one of the most important factors for the guest when choosing a hotel to stay.

Yes, the hotel interior design marks style, so you have to be aware of the new trends that are emerging to be renewed and innovated, either through paintings, refurbisments or furniture. In the small details is the difference.

Therefore, below, we have gathered all the trends you should know about hotel interior design.

The floors are reinvented

With new parquet floors, brightly painted tiles or new mosaic patterns, a touch of retro style! So are the new trends in soils.

Figures painted on walls

As pentagons, squares, lines, circles ... the shapes are the new fashion and they come to stay.

Union between the hotels and the artists

Another trend that is going strong is to create artistic spaces with different themes, through paintings, photographs, etc. A different experience besides creative, and, above all, decorative.

The tapestries are back

And not on the floor, as you read it: the tapestries return on the walls. A way to give a touch of sophistication and luxury based on crafts, colors and art.

Nature in every corner

With Zen areas, natural plants and gardens, which make up an environment of tranquility and joy that contribute to the well-being of each person. Always using green tones to bring a lot of freshness.

Warm colors

The colors of fashion in the interior design this season will be the yellows, the oranges and the mustards, which will predominate being seen in the hotel spaces, also providing strength, warmth and joy to all areas.

Uniting interior spaces with exterior spaces

With large windows or making them communicate with each other to simulate more spaciousness. Transparencies are also a trend in interior design, to be able to see what happens inside the hotel from the street or among hotel sections.

Technology and more technology

If there is a trend that stands out above all is this, since technology leads directly to experience, a sector that does not stop advancing, so that technology must also be present in the decoration of hotel establishments, adjusting thus to the new way of life of the traveler: technological and interactive.

But where can we find technological decoration?

In home automation curtains, voice-controlled televisions, beds and armchairs with automatic incorporation, automatic body dryers, screens that go up and down with a remote control, motorized furniture to furnish the space according to tastes ... and so on indefinitely.

Not only in the rooms, but also in the bar with an interactive menu that includes information about the dishes.

What is mainly aimed is that the design be fast, interactive, functional, visual, emotional and experiential. And the trends in interior design are some of the key elements that will make the client not want to leave the hotel, because it has been shown that the space designing conditions people.

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