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Gastronomic Hotels of Spain

This is Spain : Do you know the best gastronomic hotels in Spain?

What a pleasure to travel! Arrive at that destination, open the doors of the room of our charming hotel, feel at home ... and, the best: try the best gastronomy in Spain.

How eating is another of life's pleasures, and gastronomic tourism is increasingly on the rise, more and more hotels have been established in Spain adding to the category of "gastronomic hotel", also known as Chef Hotels.

These hotels are establishments in which, in addition to offering accommodation services presented with charm, with luxurious decoration and a careful and exclusive service, they offer outstanding and high-level gastronomy as their main attraction.

The offered gastronomic proposals are based on quality products from the very culvitation point and with a variety of traditional recipes from the area.

And this is what you'll find next! Keep reading because we tell you which are the best gastronomic hotels in Spain.

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Hotel Atrio, Cáceres

With an unbeatable location and full of history, the Atrium stands on a pintoresque palace from the 80s. This smart and elegant hotel has a two-Michelin-star restaurant inside, run by Toño Perez.

You can find tasting menus, such as the famous one dedicated to the Iberian pig, the sea and mountain flavours, etc. where you can enjoy dishes such as fried oyster with vermouth essence, Iberian pork face meat, Norway lobster and the creamy poultry soup ... and all accompanied with the best wine pairing!

Hotel Mas de Torrent, Girona

This 18th century Catalan farmhouse has been completely renovated and converted into one of the most incredible and differentiated gastronomic hotels on the entire Catalan Costa Brava.

The totally charming surroundings, the incredible plants all around and the sea at backyard make this place a perfect venue to enjoy the gastronomy of Fina Puigdeval, the owner of this amazing restaurant called Les Cols.

This is the ideal place to taste traditional Catalan cuisine, such as Bunyols de bacallà (the cod) with a esqueixada (salad), Truita gandula of potatoes and whitebait, Conill desossat amb spia i salsitxes (boneless rabbit meat with cuttlefish and sausages), etc.

Hotel Orfila, Madrid

Under the supervision by Madrilian chef Mario Sandoval with two stars, the chef Fernando Díaz offers a cuisine full of flavor, good taste, quality products and exquisite creativity in this beautiful hotel.

The menu includes dishes such as squid ceviche with tiger milk, avocado and mango, confit white asparagus with trout marinated with bitter herbs, citrus fruits and sauces or the spectacular cod brandade with pil pil and caviar of green peas.

Hotel La Caminera, Ciudad Real

With a personalized treatment and a caring spa, the gastronomy of this place becomes an experience of disconnection being surrounded by a field of olive trees.

Under the guidelines of Javier Aranda, awarded with a Michelin star, his restaurant Retama pays tribute to La Mancha cuisine and the produce of the land mixing modernity and tradition.

So in the menu you can taste dishes such as egg, foie and migas, atascaburras, pickled partridge tortellini, Manchego cheese sauce and walnut praline, venison loin with roasted garlic cream and quince or sweet potato, grape juice and roasted pumpkin.

Hotel Echaurren Ezcaray, La Rioja

Surrounded by a wonderful green landscape, is this hotel owned by Paniego family that houses four restaurants inside. One with two Michelin stars.

There, you can taste the gastronomy of La Rioja, in the form of tapas or frying, where are the famous croquettes, green asparagus, red prawns or Norway lobster, red beans, the pigeon, the pumpkin cream omelette or the hake rinds. To lick your fingers!

Son Brull Hotel and Spa Mallorca

Close to the sea and full of history, this ancient pintoresque building has been meticulously restored and transformed into a five-star hotel.

Its 365 restaurant, with Rafael Perelló as chef, represents the rebirth of Mallorcan product cuisine, so that in the spaces of this exclusive hotel the most epicurean palates will be able to enjoy a selection of seasonal and garden tasting menus combined with excellent wines.

The menu offers creative dishes that include vegetarian dishes, meat, seafood and fish.

Hotel Royal Hideaway Corales Resort, Tenerife

With exclusive privacy, direct access to the beach, an area reserved only for adults and another specialized to receive families, this resort has nine bars and restaurants.

Among them are Maresía, guided by the Padrón brothers (awarded a Michelin Star in the Rincón de Juan Carlos); San Hô, a new proposal that brings the mixture of Japanese and Peruvian cultures; Il Bocconcino, Italian-Mediterranean cuisine with “kilometer zero” products, and Starfish, grill style for lovers of cuisine based on raw materials .

Spain has changed the rules by revolutionizing the gastronomic sector. History is the myth that in hotels you can not enjoy a delicious cuisine!

So, don't forget to visit any of these establishments and other many we could not mention in this post which are distinguished with their menus so that everyone who tries them knows the pure pleasure of flavor. In addition, combined with the best rest and the best services of hospitality management.

What are you waiting for? Surely during your stay in these hotels, you will find the best amenities, the RH amenities!

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