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most original hotels where you will not want to leave them

most original hotels where you will not want to leave them

There are hotels where once you step in, you don't want to leave them, and this is what these hotels have achieved, which we will talk about in this hotel sector post. To experience some special moments, you don't need moving to remote places, because in Spain we have a lot of hotels with these ​​curious styles.

As we have been saying for some time now, the client now wants new adventures, enjoy and have emotions and sensations, because just sleeping is no longer enough!

Therefore, if you also want to live a unique experience, we have collected the most original hotel styles of our country to spend an unforgettable stay inside a bubble, watching the stars of the sky, suspended on a tree, like real Indians in stores or even in a train car.

Discover them all and go beyond a simple room!

Tree huts, Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona

Who has not dreamed when a child to have their own tree house? Well now you can make that dream come true by moving to Girona, where this ecological hotel is located. This is about some cabins in the trees in contact with nature and in absolute tranquility. And they invite you to have a breakfast in a picnic basket! Come on, you will not want to leave your cabin.

Hotel Burbuja Zielo las beatas, Ciudad Real

In the town of Villahermosa, you can spend a most romantic and magical night while viewing the moon, the planets and countless stars from inside a transparent capsule. These bubbles are in the open air, but don't worry! Because you will have all the privacy, luxury, comfort and privacy you need. Can you imagine observing full a rain storm and lightning? A show like no other one you lived before.

Casa Bella Teepees, Granada

If you want to feel like an authentic Indian surrounded by luxury you can always go to one of these boutique type tipis, located in Granada, under the modality called "glamping". Convenient tents with private bathroom, dining room and even barbecue area!

Aire de Bardenas, Tudela, Navarra

With open ceilings in these cube-like rooms you can lie on your bed and watch the sun rise in the morning, sunset and stars. All rooms are in absolute privacy, with a bathtub on the terrace and a private patio in the wheat field!

Rural Wagon, Murcia

Who has not ever been sleeping on a train? Now you will really do it in one of these wagons of the 50s that will make you travel to that time. These have been totally adapted to rest and comfort so you can enjoy your stay peacefully among olive groves, mountains and lakes.

Hotel Plaza de Toros de Almadén, Castilla-La Mancha

It is the only hotel in a bullring, which is also a national monument and it is hexagonal. In this hotel you will have views of the old Moorish town and spectacular views full of nature where you can also go horseback riding and take a dip in the pool!

Mil Estrelles, Borgonyà, Girona

These unique rooms in Spain are magic without a doubt. Do you know that you can sleep inside a bubble while watching the stars? Of course, you will always have the absolute tranquility in the middle of the field, with the ideal intimacy for a couple. There is even a jacuzzi!

And this is only in Spain, because around the world you can see more very original hotel establishments!

Like the botels, a houseboat that you can find on the canals of Amsterdam, among many other sites. You can also feel like a real prisoner spending a night behind the bars in one of the cells of the hotel-prison Jailhotel, in Switzerland.

Even sleeping underwater on Lake Mälaren, in Sweden, in a room that is submerged underwater with panoramic windows, and more it is worth to mention spending a night in an igloo with ice, snow, and warm bags.

All these full with the funniest experiences!

As you can see, the world of hospitality is increasingly competitive, it does not stop growing and renewing and betting on new strategies. Do you think these hotels are a good competitiveness strategy? Which one do you choose to try first? We cannot stop thinking about the hotel amenities manufactured and supplied by RH Amenities which you can find and enjoy in any of these exotic and avantgard hotelsº.

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