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We are in the XXI century, and we are increasingly aware of the respect for nature and the environment, mainly on the use of plastic materials, which, due to its low production cost and long durability, leads its massive use.

The packagings, bags, bottles and all these single-use plastic products make up the majority of waste into European waters, rivers, flooding seas and oceans and thus leaving an important carbon footprint leading to the global warming.

That is why the companies, progressively, are acting more under a social responsibility. An example is the hotel sector, which is taking measures regarding the conservation and preservation of the environment, through practices that promote sustainability.

This sector is putting part of the solution to end this and greatly reduce the negative effect that plastics cause thanks to replacing these amenities hospitality products, made of plastic and cellophane with ecological and biodegradable amenities, which are becoming essentials.

These hotel amenities are made of sustainable materials such as cardboard or paper, natural plant resins such as straw, wheat starch and corn starch or renewable vegetable bases such as potato starch also linen cloth bags. Shaving kits with razor, dental kits with toothbrush, combs, slippers, etc., many amenities products exclusively manufactured with biodegradable materials.

Therefore, more and more hotel establishments are betting on these ecological and biodegradable amenities, although it should be noted that these industry leaders do not open their pockets because they do not want to raise their costs, and that is that biodegradable products for their raw materials, superior quality, processing and small-scale production have a higher cost than conventional products.

It should be noted that, with the crisis of recent years, one of the services in which costs have been reduced has been in the amenities for cost savings, which makes hotel owners and purchasing managers more reluctant to invest in it again.

But this is a measure of consumption that is worth taking to see step by step as the world changes, and, although it is true that the cost of investment is somewhat higher, it is also a necessary investment if what we want is to end the pollution caused by plastic on beaches and seas, in species and in their habitats, even in humans.

What hospitality players do not know is that investing in sustainability is to gain competitiveness, is to give it personality and is to significantly improve the image of the company in front of customers, since those most concerned with nature and the environment this causes them to little emotion

Staying in hotel accommodations with amenities of this kind and quality is a detail that guests appreciate as they feel they are collaborating with the conservation of the environment.

A small change for us that makes a great change for the planet and that should not be in a trend, but as an habit and in a frequent and continuous way to adopt always and forever.

Because the environment issue is not a trend.

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