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Bathrobes Hotel

The bathrobes offered in hotels vary in types of fabrics, confection models and environments of use to meet the needs and preferences of guests.

Here we tell you some highlights to choose the right bathrobe for your tourist establishment, be it a hotel, rural house, SPA, thermal hotel, etc.:

Types of fabrics used in bathrobes: cotton terry, velvet, microfiber, piqué

Terry cotton: Terry cotton bathrobes are the most common in hotels. Cotton is soft, absorbent and comfortable on the skin. Turkish cotton bathrobes are a high-end option due to their softness and durability.

Velvet:These bathrobes are made of very soft terry cotton similar to combed plush. They offer a luxurious and warm feel, ideal for colder climates or to provide a relaxing spa experience.

Microfiber:Microfiber bathrobes are lightweight, quick-drying and soft to the touch. They are great for warm climates and for guests who prefer a less bulky option.

Piqué: They are also called honeycomb, they can be made of cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester. The advantage of the model made of a cotton and polyester mix is that it does not require ironing.

Confection Models:

Kimono style:This design resembles a Japanese kimono and is usually light and comfortable. It is ideal for warmer climates and for a feeling of relaxation.

Classic collar style:Classic bathrobes are usually longer, with wide sleeves and a more traditional appearance. They are versatile and suitable for varied climates.

Hooded Bathrobes: These bathrobes have an attached hood, making them ideal for keeping your head warm after a bath or shower.

Environments of Use:

In the Rooms:Bathrobes in hotel rooms provide comfort to guests, allowing them to relax and feel pampered during their stay.

In the Spa: Bathrobes are often used in spa or wellness areas, where guests can dress in them before and after treatments.

Pool:At resorts and hotels with pool or beach facilities, bathrobes are useful to cover up after swimming.

For Sale:Some hotels offer their own brand bathrobes, that is, with the tourist establishment's logo, for sale, allowing guests to take home a souvenir of their stay.</p >

To summarize, bathrobes in hotels are versatile and adapt to different needs and preferences. The choice of fabric and design depends on the climate and style of the hotel, while its use can vary from comfort in the room to relaxation in the spa, contributing to the overall guest experience.


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