What to Do at Christmas with Covid Free activities?

That this Christmas is going to be a bit strange, it is all a fact. Therefore, to spend a “less rare” Christmas we have got down to work and have gathered a lot of Covid-free plans to renew the illusion and emotion.And, why not take a look at this difficult time in which we are living with the coronavirus and make a lot of fun plans?Next, you will discover a lot of activities to do at home, away from the hustle and bustle.It's time t


Far it is for Spain the top destination rank that it has obtained for seven consecutive years thanks to the arrivals of foreign tourists.And the fact is that the tourism sector in Spain this year has closed the worst summer in its history due to the coronavirus pandemic.International arrivals have been drastically reduced, with the arrival of tourists in June being completely zero due to the recommendations not to travel to Spain.

Winter Holiday in Top Hotels Europe

The winter is coming! And also the cold, the snow, the coats, the warmth of the fireplace, the winter sports and the blankets, among many other things. And what do you want the most? Stay at home? Of course not! What we want is to pack our suitcase and make a getaway to one of the best hotels in Europe in the destinations such as Spain, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria to take shelter from this cold season.

Vaccine anti Covid-19: the final solution?

The coronavirus, to day, is still an unknown virus against which the whole world continues to fight, specifically 213 countries, almost all of the planet.

Gastronomic Hotels of Spain

What a pleasure to travel! Arrive at that destination, open the doors of the room of our charming hotel, feel at home ... and, the best: try the best gastronomy in Spain.
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