Summer Reopening Covid Free Hotels

A few days before we welcome summer, the tourist and hotel services return to the burden, resuming their economic activity , opening their bars, restaurants, hotels, beach bars, etc.


That the coronavirus has brought us difficult times, is something that is clear, but that we know how to put ourselves before adversity, too. And it is that, facing the de-escalation, the hotels are already thinking of opening their doors...

COVID-19: the tourism sector is also in quarantine

Tourism sector companies such as hotel chains or travel agencies already agree that, although it is early to know what the effects of the coronavirus crisis will be in the tourism sector, it is clearly being seen that the tourism activity, mainly in Europe and Asia, is declining on large scales.

most original hotels where you will not want to leave them

Who has not ever been sleeping on a train? Now you will really do it in one of these wagons of the 50s that will make you travel to that time. These have been totally adapted to rest and comfort so you can enjoy your stay peacefully among olive groves, mountains and lakes.

connectivity and interactive facilities at the service of hotel guests

Do you know which companies are growing the most? Indeed, those that invest in interactive design and connectivity, because they are able to contribute new experiences and differentiation in a sustainable and efficient way.
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